Police unions throw bombs during New Year’s reception Open Vld


The police unions protested on Monday evening at the New Year’s reception of Open VLD in Brussels. “They have not complied with the wage agreement,” say the demonstrators.

Amaury Michaux

Several hundred police officers gathered on Ravensteinstraat at Bozar on Monday evening to wait for Open Vld members. They had their annual New Year’s reception there and it promised to be an evening full of inspiring conversations and delicious food. In addition, those present also received a warm welcome from the police unions present.

They campaigned for a pay rise and an adjustment of the end-of-career scheme and threw bombs at the Open Vld members who arrived. “We want the wage agreement to be observed,” says Karin Geyskens, local representative of the National Syndicate of Police and Security Personnel (NSPV).

From Quickenborne

“In the first instance, Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld) does not comply with the agreements made about the wage increase. The agreement was that we would receive a wage surcharge of 70 euros on 1 January, but that did not happen. So we are here so that the previous agreements are simply observed.”

Those present threw bombs at the Open Vld members who arrived. “It is actually still too quiet here, but our colleagues are on the other side and they also want what we want”, referring to the police officers who had to guide the politicians in. “We thought it was important to make ourselves heard. So we do not go further than throwing a few bombs.”

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