Police union actions: “Creating traffic jams does not help anyone”, reacts Sammy Mahdi

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But “firing smoke and causing traffic jams does not help anyone,” he added.

The unions have been demonstrating all this week – and again this Thursday afternoon – to demand a substantial wage increase. Negotiations on the matter have been going on for months with Ms Verlinden, but talks have broken down completely, according to the unions.

Held in the United States for a working visit, the minister did not herself answer questions from MPs Sigrid Goethals (N-VA), Tim Vandenput (Open Vld) and Nabil Boukili (PTB). Sammy Mahdi represented her.

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“Minister Verlinden opts for a constructive approach through dialogue, and I support her,” he said. “She remains ready to seek solutions and continue negotiations constructively. The Secretary of State called on the police to find a solution around the negotiating table. According to Mr. Mahdi, the minister had extensive consultations on Wednesday with the common union front and consultations with representatives of local authorities will follow next week. These provide three quarters of the salary costs of the integrated police.

The response did not convince the opposition, Sigrid Goethals calling it “an empty box, with a nice knot around it. “

“Your answer does not correspond to the situation. This is not a basis for going to the negotiating table, ”added MP Nabil Boukili (PTB).

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