Police raid on Reality Awards: ‘Someone might have something they shouldn’t have’

About six or seven officers entered the Cirkusbygning, where the Reality Awards are held on Wednesday evening.

Here the police went straight to the men’s toilets, where they checked whether drugs had been taken for the reality award ceremony.

“I’ve heard that the police have taken someone, but I can’t confirm that,” organizer Kit Nielsen tells BT

In any case, it is clear that several guests were asked for their CPR numbers and were glared at for a period that lasted about a quarter of an hour after 9 p.m.

One of those whom the police caught is Reality Awards guest Sebastian Lassen.

“They went straight to the men’s toilet. They asked me if I had anything I shouldn’t have, but they were quick to see that it wasn’t me they were looking for,’ he says.

“It seemed like they just had an idea that at this party, maybe someone has something they shouldn’t have. So they checked those who were in the toilet together and standing close together and things like that.’

The police were present for about a quarter of an hour, during which they may have left with an unsolved case.

Kit Nielsen emphasizes, however, that if drugs had been found, the people in question would have been thrown out.

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