Police attacker arrested on hospital bed

Yassine Mahi, the man suspected of stabbing two police officers in Brussels, has been arrested, the federal prosecutor’s office confirms to the editors. He is charged with murder and attempted murder in a terrorist context.

The suspect in the attack on two police officers in Schaerbeek on Thursday evening is under arrest for murder and attempted murder in a terrorist context, the federal prosecutor’s office reports. The person is still in hospital and has not yet been heard by an investigating judge. That was not possible yet because his medical condition does not allow it yet. That is exceptional. The law doctor has determined that he cannot be heard due to his medical condition. The investigating judge has issued a written mandate without questioning him first.

On Thursday evening, Jason P. and his colleague Thomas M., two police officers from the Brussels-North police zone, patrolled the North district of Schaerbeek by car. When they were stopped at a red light in Aarschotstraat around 7 p.m., they were attacked with a knife.

The attacker stabbed Thomas M., who was driving the police vehicle, in the neck. Jason P. was shot in the arm. Shortly afterwards, Mahi himself was shot by a police patrol called in reinforcements.

Thomas M. did not survive his serious injuries. His colleague was seriously injured but was able to leave the hospital on Saturday afternoon to continue his recovery at home.

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