Polda Matásek loses his third partner: Genzer deprives him of the Empress

In the penultimate part of the series, investigator Michal Bříza has to sell his beloved car. He didn’t take his wallet out of his pocket in the U Vandy pub for several years, and the tax office calculated it nicely. He must quickly pay 72 thousand crowns. And the only thing the serial hero owns is his beloved Empress. But when it sells, it hits the dealer in the submission Richard Genzer (55)!

Dear veteran

The decision that the unconventional policeman Bříza will drive the Volga was decided by chance just before the start of filming. The veteran’s brand was not mentioned, it was not determined in the script. The filmmakers agreed at the last minute with the Ukrainian owner that he would borrow his volga. Little did they know that the second series would be filmed. For what they paid for the rental, it could have been theirs! The owner values ​​his pearl among cars at $ 20,000, which is 476,800 CZK at the current exchange rate.

You will not find quality

The Empress is a beloved but a bit complicated lady. “In the summer it drowns, in the winter it does not catch. You will not find quality. The steering wheel is stiff. Exhaust fills the cabin. The dampers no longer dampen and Igor Orozovič he had a cervical spine, “he reveals Matásek. His partner Orozovič was replaced in other series by Vladimír Polívka (32). “The Empress is third to the party. Without her, Polda would be half, “adds the serial Polda.

Incognito: Hana Zagorová performed by Richard Genzer

Car for cops

  • The Volga GAZ-M21 produced 640,000 pieces.
  • It is a four-cylinder with a three-speed transmission.
  • They served in Public Security and in state-owned enterprises.
  • Today, only candles and oil are available for the car.

Another business for Genoa

Richard Genzer has already settled nicely on Prime. Although he has an episodic role in today’s Pold, he plays a chef in the ZOO series and also performs as a wrestler on the show Incognito. Perhaps he made the most of the audience in the satirical sketch show Partička, where he performs with his best friend, among other things. Michal Suchánek (56).

Suchánek has been raising Genzer for decades: Unsuccessfully!

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