Point Break: cult film writer reveals Johnny Utah’s fate (Keanu Reeves)

At the end of the cult movie “Point Break”, Johnny Utah, played by Keanu Reeves, throws his FBI badge and walks away. Towards new horizons? This is what the film suggests. Most recently, W. Peter Iliff, wrote a screenplay for a series that would take over from the film, and thus provided information on the character of Johnny Utah.

A cult film and an open ending

In 1991, Kathryn Bigelow presented her fourth feature film and revealed herself to the world. Point Break, which stars the star Patrick Swayze and the promising Keanu Reeves, is then a great critical and commercial success, and a model of action film. His story of robber-surfers became cult, and provided a lot of ideas for many action films released thereafter, with his duo undercover cop – extreme robber. The first Fast and Furious for example is directly inspired by this concept.

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At the end of this muscular heist and extreme sports story, Bodhi disappears riding the wave of his dreams, and Johnny, the undercover FBI agent turned friend, walks away on the beach and throws his badge in the sea. Obviously, fans of the film have always wondered what could become of this famous character next. The catastrophic remake released in 2015 has logically brought nothing new, and the question therefore remains still and always open. But we are learning a little more today, with the writing of a series that would follow the film. A screenplay written by W. Peter Iliff, the screenwriter of the original film, who can therefore be trusted when it comes to evoking the fate of Johnny Utah.

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Johnny Utah back?

Difficult to follow up on such a legendary film. But in the current frenzy of universe expansion and the explosion of catalogs on streaming platforms, the opportunity is too real not to at least try something. This is how W. Peter Iliff, writing the Point Break from 1991 and its remake, revealed in an episode of the Script Apart podcast that he had written a screenplay for a serial sequel, centered on Johnny Utah’s daughter. First information, the hero played by Keanu Reeves has therefore, after his adventures with Bodhi, experienced the joys of fatherhood. But the screenwriter says more:

Johnny Utah has been reported missing. His body has not been found and he has therefore been considered dead for several years. There’s a mystery surrounding where we last saw it, and we’re going to find out: he is not dead. There is a bigger story around that, with his daughter also an FBI agent and infiltrated into an eco-terrorist movement, which is a hot topic today.

The idea of ​​this scenario is to reproduce the plot, by modernizing it, of the first film, with an infiltrated heroine and therefore the question of knowing “which side of the badge” she is really on. If we add to this idea the family dimension, with a Johnny Utah back when we thought he was dead, a series Point Break might have a little substance. But problem, Johnny Utah without Keanu Reeves it’s problematic, and that’s where it gets stuck.

No series Point Break sans Keanu Reeves

Today, the company Alcon Entertainment holds the license and the name Point Break, and it is this same company which thus produced the remake of 2015. A critical and commercial failure which largely cooled the production company for potential sequels. Unless Keanu Reeves gets attached to the project as executive producer, which was set as a condition by Alcon Entertainment …

They made Keanu an offer to produce the series – not to act, only to produce. But Keanu is busy. He’s just finished “Matrix 4”, he’s shooting “John Wick 4” and “John Wick 5” in stride … He’s very busy, so we can’t have his engagement, and I can’t oblige Alcon to do it. So I will think about another title. I think of ‘The Wild Side’. ‘ I will rename the characters but, in our hearts, we will know that this is the continuation of the Point Break story.

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