Podium: Benoît Poelvoorde’s preparation to play Claude François was intense.

Yann Moix’s first feature film, “Podium” was a great success thanks in particular to the talent of Benoît Poelvoorde. However, to prepare the role of the double of Claude François, it was not an easy task.

Podium : Alexandria, Alexandra

Before becoming the controversial columnist of‘We are not in bed, Yann Moix was, in 2004, a prodigy writer. Revealed by his first novel entitled jubilation to the sky, he decides to diversify by going through the cinema box. For this, he adapts his own book, Podium. The film thus follows Bernard Frédéric, an ordinary banker whose second profession is to be the double of the famous singer Claude François. Her dream is to win the “Night of look-alikes” contest., much to the chagrin of his wife Vero. Torn between his wife and his fantasy of glory, he will have to choose.

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Podium ©Fidelity Production

For his first feature film, Podium was a great commercial success with more than 3 million admissions. He is mainly nominated in five categories. A glory that Yann Moix will unfortunately not find since, 5 years later, his second film Cineman will be a real flop on all counts. Evidenced by this famous criticism of Nanarland.

An unfortunate allergy

To play the role of Bernard Frédéric in Podium, Yann Moix did not hesitate to hire the earthy Belgian actor Benoît Poelvoorde. However, embodying Cloclo’s look-alike meant that you also had to dance. And in this area, the actor is not the most comfortable in the world. He therefore had to spend 3 months alongside the dancer and choreographer Mia Frye, well known for having staged the famous dance Macarena. The latter would have made him drool so much during training that, in revenge, he improvised the line in which his character challenges him in a more than disrespectful way. His on-screen surprise is real.

For another 3 months, he also practiced singing, with the help of vocal adviser Richard Cross (whom fans of pop stars and Star Academy have known well). Moreover, he interprets himself all the pieces that his character sings in Podium.

The biggest difficulty was undoubtedly the wearing of his wig. Indeed, so that it may stand firmly on his head, it had to be held in place with glue. Problem: the actor has developed a serious allergy to it, to the point that his face turns purple at the end of filming.

This long preparation, however, was a blessing in disguise as Poelvoorde received nothing but praise following his performance. He will resume his role two years later, for movie purposes Jean Philippe, with Johnny Hallyday and Fabrice Luchini.

Nevertheless, he will not reincarnate Bernard Frédéric, on the occasion of an aborted sequel to Podium.

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