pm modi condolences to akshay kumar: Modi penned a long note and offered condolences to Akshay kumar after his mother Aruna Bhatia demise

Akshay Kumar’s mother recently passed away on 8 September. PM Modi has expressed grief over the death of his mother by writing a long note for Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar has also shared this condolence message of PM on social media.

Sharing this letter of PM, Akshay Kumar wrote in the caption, ‘Grateful to all of you for all the condolence messages received after the death of my mother. Grateful for the amazing gesture of Hon’ble PM, who took the time to express his feelings for my late parents. These comforting words will always be with me, Jai Ambe.’

The Prime Minister has written a very long letter condoling Akshay Kumar. In this condolence message, the PM has written, ‘It would have been better if I did not have to write this letter. In an ideal world such a time should never have come. Deeply saddened to hear the news of your mother Aruna Bhatia ji’s demise. You were quite discouraged when I spoke to you that morning. And you were completely sad when it was written – she was my core. And today I am also able to feel the same inexhaustible pain from my side.

He further wrote, ‘You have tasted success after a lot of hard work and struggle. You have made a name for yourself on the strength of your strong will and hard work. In this journey, you have maintained the right values ​​and moral strength, so that you can turn adversity into opportunities and you have learned this from your parents. When you started your career I am sure people who came in your way must have been suspicious, but your mother stood by you like a rock. From the height of success to failure, she remained with you as a support. He made sure that you always remain humble and kind. He also instilled in you the spirit of service, which has been seen again and again in your philanthropy work for the society.

Extending his point further, Modi wrote, ‘It is a matter of happiness that he has seen you scale new heights of success and stardom in his lifetime. The amount of care you took for him is inspiring, he has left the world after knowing full well that his lovely son is one of the most loved and versatile actors of India. Words fall short in such times of sorrow, preserve their memories and legacy and keep making them proud. My thoughts are with you and your family in this sad time.

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