Pluto Tv, the K-Pop channel dedicated to the Korean Wave arrives

Pluto Tv has just announced the release of K-Pop, it is a new entirely dedicated channel dedicated to the Korean Wave which has become very popular in recent years.

The idols of K-POP they come up Pluto TV, Paramount’s completely free digital service, and with them comes an irrepressible energy to let loose to the rhythm of the biggest hits of the Korean Wave. Pluto TV K-POP is a channel entirely dedicated to the pop phenomenon of recent years, to dance to the notes of the most loved songs and try your hand at the most scenic choreography of your own Bias.

Korean Pop fans will enjoy for free an unmatched mix of K-Music, which brings together the best programming, newest releases and most exciting concerts from the world’s most famous K-Pop bands such as BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen or Itzy, and many more 24 hours a day every day.

Whether you’re already a K-Pop lover or eager to immerse yourself in Korean pop culture, Pluto TV K-Pop offers its audience curated playlists featuring some of the biggest K-POP hits of recent times like Dynamite and BTS’ Life Goes On and Blackpink’s How You Like That. But that’s not all, exclusive live concert footage will also be available on the channel with the most amazing performances of groups and soloists, music videos of the songs that made us dance into the night and interviews with the most loved Idols of the scene.

The Korean Wave is here, and it’s unstoppable: with a constantly growing number of fans all over the world which today has around 89 million fans spread across 113 different countries, 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify and an incalculable number of concerts and festivals organized on various continents. Not to mention the global success of idols such as BTS, who gathered around 50,000 spectators from all over the world at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium during their free concert.

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