Plus belle la vie: Black Out bounty trailer revealed, many characters are in danger

Lately, several clues suggested that an explosion would soon destroy the Mistral district in Plus belle la vie. Before discovering if this catastrophe will take place, other events await the characters of the series of France 3. Indeed, the next premium will be broadcast this Tuesday, November 30 at 9:05 pm and announces many twists! Entitled “Black Out”, it will show the city of Marseille suddenly plunged into darkness because of a general blackout … Except that there will be serious consequences, since several accidents and events will occur!

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As shown in the trailer for the upcoming bounty of More beautiful life unveiled just above, many characters from the series France 3 will be in danger! Léa, who went to accompany Betty, Noé and Bilal for a mission of community service, will be about to give birth in rather extreme conditions. As for Fanny, Estelle or even Jean-Paul, they should find themselves at the heart of several accidents, where some lives will even be endangered!

Black Out Award Poster – Credit (s): @ Jean-Louis PARIS – FTV – TELFRANCE

Fortunately, solidarity between residents will be organized in the Mistral district and we will even be able to see some characters getting closer in an unexpected way, like Thomas and his brother François! After the broadcast of the event bonus “Black Out” November 30 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3, the channel will offer the documentary entitled “The Secrets of Plus belle la vie, together we are stronger”. While waiting to see this, also know that a mythical couple of Plus belle la vie will be shattered.

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