Plíšková also impressed her twin figure: Ségra, where’s your bacon?

After an extremely exhausting season “improved” by the Olympics and constant coronavirus restrictions, the fourth player in the world is finally clearing her head and putting a tired body into a pile. “It’s like a dream,” she praised the Bahamian peace. And finally, she sent home photo poses from the beach, which took the breath away of many.

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The Plíšek sisters in a double interview: Don’t they get on your nerves? What makes Kristýna her boyfriend?

Flat belly, no fat, absolutely perfect figure. “Where did she put the tips?” even Sister Kristýna wrote to her. “She left it at home,” Carolina said, amused. He won’t enjoy much joy. In just nine days, she begins a tiring fitness training camp in Marbella, then a short Christmas break at home and a flight to Australia immediately after the holidays. When will he be able to show up in a swimsuit again?

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EDITING: Plíšková she defeated Krejčíková in the Czech battle, but did not advance

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