Plekanec publicly humiliated Šafářová: Lucie is already planning revenge

Hockey player Tomáš Plekanec (40) and former tennis player Lucie Šafářová (35) are constantly on top of each other. This is understandable for athletes of their size, both of them are competitive and like to win. Plekanec recently challenged his wife to a squash match. Since this is a sport with a racket in hand, Lucie was expected to spread it on her hooves. But…

Tomáš quite enjoyed it when his love didn’t go well during the game. But Lucie didn’t give in. “I’ll get you, wait. I will learn it,” proclaimed the tennis player at the beginning of the video that her husband filmed and then posted on Instagram. “How much is that?” he kept asking provocatively Plekanec.

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Towards the end of the fight she started Safarova acknowledge failure. Although she definitely wasn’t giving up yet. “0:2 in sets, but I haven’t lost yet,” she added. In the end, however, there was no major reversal and Pleky became the winner. “The best part is not the win, but that Lucie is dismantled to the last screw,” joked the hockey player at the end. The main thing is that they both take it in stride and with their own humor.

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