Please note if you have purchased this product Lu: it is withdrawn from sale, it may contain pieces of plastic!

In agreement with the FASFC, Mondelez International is withdrawing from sale the “Mellow Grany fruits of the woods” (195g), bearing the batch number OCE0922051 and displaying a production time between 6:00 and 8:30. This product was sold between 06/17/2022 and 08/3/022 at Delitraiteur.

Mondelez International is also recalling it from consumers due to the possible presence of small pieces of plastic. The batch number and production time are listed on the side of the packaging. The product concerned by the potential risk was sold only in the Delitraiteur stores indicated below.

Product Description :

– Product name: Grany soft fruit of the forest

– Expiry date (BDD – Best before): 02/28/2023

– Batch number: OCE0922051 and production hours between 6:00 – 8:30

– Sales period: from 17/6/2022 to 3/8/2022

– Type of packaging: cardboard packaging

– Weight: 195g

The product was distributed by:

– Delitraitor: Rte d’Ath 148 7050 Jurbise

– Delitraitor: Chau. de Bruxelles 76 A 1410 Waterloo (Faubourg)

– Delitraitor: Chau. Queen Astrid 60 1420 Braine L’Alleud

– Delitraitor: De Limburg Stirumlaan 94 1780 Wemmel

– Delitraitor: Rue Charles Dubois 6 1342 Limelette

– Delitraitor: Bieststraat 164 3191 Boortmeerbeek

– Delitraitor: Av. de Longwy 400 6700 Arlon

Mondelez International invites its customers not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale for a refund or an exchange.

For any questions, Mondelez International Consumer Services can be contacted on the following toll-free number: 00800 800 13457 or on the following e-mail address: [email protected]

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