“Please don’t cut off my light”: the emotional message that ended in a campaign to pay off the debt of an unemployed father

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in Saint Louis, Argentina, an employee of an electric company came to a man’s home to cut off his service for non-payment. In the place, he found an unexpected message that moved him a lot.

“Please don’t cut off my power. I lost my job, I’m alone with my two daughters. As soon as I can, I will pay the electricity. Please and thank you ”, you can read in the note.

Such was the emotion that it produced Xavier Rubilar, the worker, decided to start a solidarity collection to help the man. He shared the story on his WhatsApp account to inform his contacts and raise the money to pay off the debt.

“I would like to give this man a hand. He doesn’t know anything, nor will he know who paid him, but you will find a nice Father’s Day gift. Please help me ”, was the message that she spread through her social networks.

Photo: Xavier Emiliano Rubilar

His idea quickly went viral and hundreds of people, even strangers, sent him bank transfers to contribute to the cause.

“I contacted him and showed all the money movements on social media. Within a few hours I received calls from people who wanted to pay all the bills. In the course of hours we reached the total amount”, said Xavier in conversation with La Nación.

The next day, the worker revealed that managed to communicate with the fatherwho thanked him through tears for the solidarity action he carried out to help him.

A solidarity campaign that ended up being a resounding success

According to Xavier, the total money he collected was 49,729 Argentine pesos (a little more than 400 dollars), an amount that is enough to pay the four overdue tickets that the father had. The rest of the money was given to him to cover other expenses.

“He couldn’t believe or understand this. Thank you because there are still people willing to help”, concluded Xavier in a message posted on Facebook.

Photo: Xavier Emiliano Rubilar / Facebook
Photo: Xavier Emiliano Rubilar / Facebook

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