Playful lion scares a man who wanted to escape from his clutches

A man in Mexico He never thought that he would get the scare of his life when, in a simple visit to his friend’s house, the lioness that he has as a pet made the decision to get closer than he should to this person in a more than playful way, which filled the subject with fear. Not knowing how to react, he tried to get away from the mortal feline in every possible way and his reaction was immortalized in Tiktok becoming a trend.

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The footage was recorded by the user @ barbaslopez385 where you see your friend on top of a bar, screaming, but at the same time laughing nervously because the lioness is behind him and follows him where he goes. The subject looks for a door to leave the environment, but it does not open: “Open me then”he says, while laughter is heard from the people around him.

The pictures also show the lioness that, with her paws, tries to surround the man’s legs and tries to jump on him, but not aggressively: “Take it from me, wey”, the frightened man is heard saying. At that, the door opens and the cat walks away from the shot.

Fearful man runs away from playful lioness

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The subject’s reaction, despite being naturally fearful, was still amusing for users of Tiktok, so the video has exceeded 1.8 million views, with more than 42 thousand reactions. However, not a few users have questioned whether it is legal to have a wild animal at home.

Wild animals as pets at home?

Given this, the laws of government of Mexico establish the following for this type of case: “When specimens of exotic wild fauna species are possessed that due to their natural behavior or behavior, derivatives or natural microbiological population can coexist with man in a domestic environment under management and do not represent physical, health or safety risks for their owners, possessors or any person or other animals “.

It also indicates: “The management of specimens and exotic populations can only be carried out in confined conditions, in order to prevent and minimize the negative effects on biological and ecological processes, as well as the substitution or displacement of populations of native species that are distributed naturally on the site “.

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