Playboy model spends R$37 thousand to paint the dog orange and is blasted: “You are cruel”

To model Anna Stupak, 37, was harshly criticized by her followers for painting her pet dog’s fur orange.

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Cover of the October issue of Playboy Africa, the beauty shared the photos of a rehearsal in which the animal appears on top of the wing of a red plane and joked: “My pilot”.

Dissatisfied with the paint bath – which cost 6 thousand euros (the equivalent of R$ 37 thousand) – that the model gave the dog, many people complained: “You are cruel, you should be prohibited from having a dog. What do you offer the world, after all”, asked an internet user. “Are you sure this paint is okay?” said another.

After the criticism, Anna defended herself: “It’s a paint that enhances the dog’s fur, because in fact it’s almost orange. Everything was done with a lot of responsibility so as not to hurt the skin”, he argued, according to the Daily Star.

According to the CENAPOP, in a previous post (see below), the puppy appears with almost all white fur, with some parts of the fur in an orange tone.

To the publication, the model also reinforced that her little dog is very well taken care of: “My dog ​​is better taken care of than most people”, she concluded.

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