Plastic surgeries on the rise: doctor points out trends for 2022 in aesthetic procedures

The beginning of the year is a recurring time in the search for plastic surgeries due to the vacation period and recess of many people. and what are the procedures on the rise in 2022?

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According to the plastic surgeon by the SBCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery) Dr. Larissa Samudjo, the most sought after aesthetic operations in 2021 and which should continue as highlights in the new year are those that prioritize harmony in relation to the body, fleeing from an appearance very artificial.

Silicone prostheses, for example, became smaller and more natural in shape. “Yes, there was a fashion for larger silicones, but it is uncomfortable to do physical activity and, with menopause, there is a tendency for women to get fat and, with that, the breast gets bigger and bigger, causing discomfort to dress and exercise, for example”, explains the doctor.

“Of course, there are still those who want a well-marked breast, which looks like silicone. They are usually younger women, and it really is a matter of taste”, he adds.

Lipo HD is much sought after by women who already have a fitness routine, says doctor

A procedure much sought after by different celebs, lipo HD or lipo LAD (high definition liposuction) should also remain among the most sought after, especially by women who already have a fitness routine. “They seek lipo HD because they want to enhance their already shaped body. It really is a procedure indicated for those who are already thin and want to improve their appearance, leaving it more marked”, he says.

Dr. Larissa also points out a jump in the number of silicone explants: surgery grew 33% among Brazilian women, according to data from the International Society of Plastic Surgery.

On the face, eyelid correction for skin removal had a “boom” in 2021 and should continue to be on the rise this year. “They increased a lot because of the use of masks”, says the doctor.

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