Pizinger undressed! Age is just a number, but …

One hundred point model! Pizinger it really cut in the black swimsuit. It’s the diet or the younger guy, her watchers ask. Vendula told ŽivotvČesku.cz what an elbow is for!

Vendula Pizingerová at the funeral of Radan Dolejš († 57): What was he not allowed to sign?

“I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I also get something that I probably shouldn’t. But I admit that I don’t really deal with the menu, I sometimes have beer and wine. I also like everything from meat, they have opened a great farm shop in our street, where I am sometimes interested in greaves, bacon and bacon… I like these things and I do not decide that I should avoid it, “ she wiped everyone’s eyes.

Vendule it cuts

Therefore, the best recipe will probably be satisfaction. Vendula is just blooming next to her husband Josef (34), little Josífek will probably also provide some of that energy expenditure. All in all, it benefits Pizinger greatly!

Vendula Pizingerová: Josef is still haunting me with a little girl, but that would be calling to heaven

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