Pity Álvarez reappeared and sang again: a new video with a rock band went viral

fans of Pity Alvarez were excited when a new video of the musician from 49 years singing along with a band at a friends party to the tune of “They want rock”, one of the classics of the band intoxicated.

The video that went viral was shared by a Twitter user with the phrase “The king without a crown is back. i love you pityThe images show Álvarez wearing a cap, gray jogging pants, a gym jacket and a guitar.

With a big smile on his face, the artist led Los Notables del Oeste, a band from the Buenos Aires suburbs that was formed in 2017 and decided to give a show with Pity at an intimate party.

The last appearance of the leader of Viejas Locas took place last March, when Pity posed for a photograph with Pabloa cameraman from the program Gaston Pauls in HD Chroniclefree beings“. The actor went to record notes at the therapeutic center where the singer is hospitalized in Castelar and they would be working on an idea together to show that it is possible to recover from drug addiction.

Pity Álvarez with a cameraman from “Free Beings”, a Chronicle HD program.

After being admitted to the Argentine Interministerial Mental Health Program (Prisma), which is the area of ​​the Central Penitentiary Hospital (HPC) of the Ezeiza prison, Álvarez was referred to a psychiatric clinic in Castelar, and finally ended up in a therapeutic community for the same area.

Watch the return of Pity Álvarez!

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