Pistoia, the councilor on anti-Covid regulations: “More relevance to Nazism than to health care”. Oppositions demand resignation

“This stuff has much more connection with Nazism than with health care; but as has happened many other times in history, we will realize it when it is too late. And then we will ask ourselves: ‘but how is it possible that this happened? ”. This is the comment of Alessio Bartolomei, Pistoia councilor for public works and public parks, under a Facebook post in which a Pistoian town complained about the measures taken by Draghi government to combat the spread of Covid 19.

Certainly not a diplomatic phrase, which triggered a series of adverse reactions. Among the hardest is that of the council groups of opposition (Pd, Action, M5s, Pistoia Spirito libero, Italia Viva and Pistoia city of all) who ask for immediate resignation by Bartolomei. “Here at last the mask is thrown away: in the council Tomasi those who even recalls the Nazism measures to protect public health – reads a note – At this point, there are no more excuses. For Bartolomei, therefore, the Government and all his colleagues and councilors are Nazis and the many municipal councilors who are instead working to safeguard those rules. Either this is an isolated position, or it is also common to the mayor. So there are two cases: either Bartolomei resigns, or the mayor resigns“. According to the parties of the center-left, in fact, being the League to the government and having voted on all the anti-Covid measures proposed by the Draghi government, the slightest reaction from the party should be the expulsion of Bartolomei as councilor of the municipality of Pistoia and as a member of the party led by Matteo Salvini.

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