Písařovicová is the target of contempt! If you want to hit a dog, you will always find a stick, you will defend yourself

The Czechia split into two camps – one team kicked off Tatiana Kucharova (34), others cheer Daniela Písařovicová and her relationship with Ondřej G. Brzobohamým (39). It is therefore not surprising that the former reporter sometimes becomes the target of criticism by the supporters of the blonde model. She may have caught it on Instagram recently!

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The moderator wanted to take a picture of this, where she has a beautiful make-up. “Well, it won’t be on Miss,” one of the watchers said immediately. Apparently it hurt, so Písařovicová counteracted in an obvious allusion to the blonde sock: “And that’s a classification for a better life?” Today, more than ever, whoever wants to hit a dog will always find a stick. “

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