‘Pipoca Mais Doce’ responds after a follower’s criticism: “She has a very short memory…”

Ana Garcia Martins, better known for “Pipoca Mais Doce”, was this Monday, November 15th, on the program “Big Brother-Extra”, together with Helena Isabel, Andreia Filipe and Zé Lopes.

As usual, the commentator marked her going to the format with a photo on her Instagram account and ended up receiving a review in the comments box about what she said about the couple Joana and Ricardo.

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In the comments box, there was one of the followers who recalled the attitude taken by Ana Garcia Martins, live at one of the galas of “Big Brother 2020”, regarding the then competitors Ana Catharina and Diogo:

“He has a very short memory. At BB 2020 she defended Diogo and Ana Catarina tooth and nail because Teresa commented on Ana Catarina opening her legs. Ana Catarina replied that she would open her legs to whoever she wanted, whenever, wherever she wanted and I remember seeing Pipoca applauding Ana Catarina standing up. What has changed????”.

The commentator made a point of clarifying that both situations are not comparable: “I don’t remember anyone complaining that they were noisy, nor do I remember if there was more intimate involvement. What Teresa insinuated was that Ana Catarina was an “easy person” who was already opening her legs to Diogo. In these images where Ana spread her legs, both she and Diogo were dressed. You are comparing the incomparable.”

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