‘Pipoca da Ivete’: before the premiere, Globo is already thinking about reformulating the program. Understand!

“Pipoca da Ivete”, new show by Ivete Sangalo on Globo, premieres this Sunday (24), after “Temperatura Máxima”. The attraction will bring together famous guests, such as Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira, with the singer’s natural charisma. However, even before the premiere, the Globo is already considering reformulating the program.

According to the website “Na Telinha”, a survey carried out by Globo pointed out that the audience prefers to watch Ivete Sangalo on live shows. Therefore, a change in “Pipoca” would be to move it from a recorded attraction to one broadcast in real time.

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Change in Ivete Sangalo’s program could happen in the coming months


However, for that, Globo would have to pay a millionaire fee. To dedicate the weekends to the program, Ivete, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, with the right to a party, would have to stop doing shows on weekends. In each presentation, Ivete has a fee of R$ 400 thousand.

Globo’s final decision will only take place after the program’s premiere. That’s because it will be necessary to see if “Pipoca da Ivete” will resonate well. If that happens, in the next few months the attraction should switch to live form.

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