Pink shares recovery after hip surgery: "brutal week full of pain"

Pink showed his recovery on social media, this Wednesday (11/17), after undergoing hip surgery and told about how the process has been “brutal” when sharing a record.

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Posting a photo exercising on her Instagram, the singer wrote: “Hi world! This is what my kids’ 9 hours of sleep and cuddles look like 7 days after hip surgery. Vail and Dr. Philippon for taking such good care of me. Being married to an athlete who’s had hundreds of surgeries, I get to meet some of the best doctors in the world. and painkillers, depression, drug ulcers and constant fevers, but my husband (Carey Hart) helped me to get over it.”

Pink continued: “(No one recovers from surgery like him, he’s not real.) He brought me coffee in the shower, dragged my 100-pound CPM contraptions everywhere I went, dried my tears, cooked me oatmeal , controlled my medications, my cell phone charger, connected my compression machines, took my temperature, made the bed and helped me not to lose control.”

“I’ve already figured out a few tricks with these crutches I’ve been using for six weeks. But life always reminds you that most setbacks are really just breaks and opportunities to recalibrate and count your blessings. Because of that challenge, I met a woman with cerebral palsy who climbs mountains of 13,000 feet in her wheelchair, (check out her documentary called “from my window” on Vimeo, she’s amazing.) I learned about a blind man who climbs Mount Everest. It’s humiliating for a very person independent as I become physically incapable and dependent, even for a few months.”

She concluded: “I am learning the gift of accepting help. My journey will be quick and purposeful. And I will make a full recovery. That is why I am so blessed. I am impressed by those who face real and difficult challenges and alchemize their situation into something magical or In the meantime, shout out to all those who are on the journey to wellness and to those who are doing the magic of the impossible. Have a great day, folks. Let the healing begin.”

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