Pink is bjutiful again: Cindy from Marzahn returns

Pink is bjutiful again
Cindy from Marzahn returns

It’s been around six years since Ilka Bessin actually sent her character Cindy from Marzahn into comedy retirement. But now the chav princess in pink is making her comeback. And even in his own TV show.

It was once an indispensable part of the comedy landscape on German TV. But then it was suddenly quiet around Cindy from Marzahn. Comedian Ilka Bessin had decided to turn her back on her shrill fictional character and to appear as herself from now on.

But never say never, as the saying goes. And so the 50-year-old will now revive the rough lady in pink in a new RTL show: “The Cindy from Marzahn Show” will be on RTL from August 26 at 10:30 p.m. (also available on RTL+), the broadcaster said.

Four episodes are initially planned. As guests, the comedians Bülent Ceylan, Mario Barth, Paul Panzer and Lisa Feller, among others, get to deal with the resolute Berliner. Cabaret artist Abdelkarim and ventriloquist Sascha Grammel were revealed as other celebrity guests.

Broadway and “Bet That…?”

Bessin came up with her alter ego Cindy from Marzahn at the beginning of the millennium and had a steep career after appearances in the “Quatsch Comedy Club”. From 2009 she ran her show “Cindy aus Marzahn & Die Junge Wilden” on RTL for four years. After that, the cult figure even assisted Markus Lanz in “Wetten, dass…?”. Perhaps the most amazing milestone in her career: In 2014, Cindy from Marzahn appeared on New York’s Broadway with the program “Pink is bjutiful”.

About two years later, Bessin announced that she wanted to retire her character. Shortly thereafter, she completed her first TV appearances without dressing up and slipping into another role. With one exception, it has remained so ever since. She only gave Cindy again in 2021 for the show “RTL says thank you”.

In about a month, however, the real comeback of the chavn princess with a tiara in a permed wig will be made. The episodes of the “Cindy from Marzahn Show” were already recorded in May.

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