Pimpinha Jardim on SIC to explain the “sudden” departure from TVI? reporter reacts

Pimpinha Jardim will be the guest of Júlia Pinheiro on the SIC afternoon program this Thursday, March 9, to talk about the “sudden” departure from TVI.

“He grew up under the watchful eye of the Portuguese and was a regular on numerous television programs. A year ago, Pimpinha Jardim suddenly left the media and today, in ‘Júlia’, explains what made her make this decision”guarantees a teaser of the Paço de Arcos station.

The reporter, however, had already used the same social network to clarify that the trip to SIC would be to talk about her “life and career” and “not about leaving TVI”. “I left by choice, I had a great relationship with everyone and I intend to continue”, she guaranteed.

Cinha Jardim had also commented on her daughter’s departure from television, adding that Pimpinha would be dedicated to family life.

The former reporter thus joins a ‘wave’ of former TVI personalities who have turned to SIC to clarify the relationship with the channel directed by Cristina Ferreira and José Eduardo Moniz. This was the case of Judite Sousa, Santiago Lagoá and Rui de Oliveira.

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