Pietro Lombardi sees: sex statement "wasn’t cool"

Pietro Lombardi (30) takes a stand. The singer has caused quite a stir in recent days: In the podcast with his fiancé, he said that he would be proud if his son had sex at 13. Many fans did not find that funny at all and his ex-wife Sarah Engels (30) also distanced himself from it. The DSDS star already said that it was irony, but now he has commented on the drama again.

In its Instagramstory, Pietro released a statement. “Of course I’m also a role model and with a statement like that, even if it was fun for me, you’re not a role model. That’s why I’m ready to say: It wasn’t cool and I just let it be.”, the father of Alessio Lombardi (7) clarified. Even if he admits that the statement was questionable, he emphasized that he would always stand behind his children: “Nevertheless, I say: whether my son comes to me at 13, 17, 18, 20 or 40 and says ‘Dad, now it’s time’ – I’ll support him in everything.”

Pietro’s fiancé Laura Maria Rypa (26) also commented on the scandal. “Pi is sometimes a bit of a mess with his statements, but I know what he means and what irony was behind it, and I think everyone who hears it themselves will hear the irony.”she emphasized in her story.

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi with his son Alessio
Pietro Lombardi, singer

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa

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