Pietro Lombardi: "All good things come to an end"

Pietro Lombardi
“All good things come to an end”

Pietro Lombardi won “DSDS” in 2011.


“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” ends in 2023 with the anniversary season. Pietro Lombardi is “a little sad about it”, as he reveals.

The broadcaster RTL recently announced that the 20th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” should be the last. For the anniversary season, Dieter Bohlen (68) will return to the jury of the casting show in 2023.

Pietro Lombardi (30) owes a lot to the format, he emerged as the “DSDS” winner in 2011 and then started a successful music career. He was also part of the jury in seasons 16 and 17. “I am a ‘DSDS’ child and therefore a little sad that ‘DSDS’ is coming to an end,” says the 30-year-old in an interview with the news agency spot on news. “All good things come to an end, but who knows what’s in store for us.”

Dieter Bohlen will cause surprises

The singer could only “difficulty assess” whether the end of “DSDS” was the right decision. For many, as well as for Lombardi himself, the show was an important stepping stone for the career. “If those involved have now decided to cancel the show, they will have good reasons to do so.” He is certain “that there will be new opportunities for young talents”. Lombardi is very happy that Dieter Bohlen will be part of the jury again. “As I know Dieter, there may be a surprise or two.”

Pietro Lombardi has successfully had both feet in the music business for years. On July 22, the 30-year-old released his new song “Ciao Bella”, which sounds like pure summer. “My songs stand for a good mood, a great mood and nice vibes,” explains the musician in an interview. He does not yet know where Lombardi will spend his vacation this year. “Maybe Italy, but maybe I’ll just stay at home and enjoy the time here.” What song does he like to hear in summer? “‘Despacito’ was and still is the summer song for me. The song always makes me want to dance and think of summer straight away.”


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