Pierre-Yves Maillard as a steamroller, but the Greens have cards to play

It’s a bit of an open secret that National Councilor Pierre-Yves Maillard eventually uncovered. As anticipated, the Vaud socialist heavyweight announced this Saturday in 24 hours his ambitions for the Council of States in the federal elections of 2023. According to the established expression, here he is a candidate for the candidacy. He will indeed first have to win the internal match at the PS Vaudois against another dinosaur, Roger Nordmann, leader of the socialist group in the Federal Chambers. The winner will then challenge the contenders from the other parties. If he were to go into battle in tandem with the green senator in office Adèle Thorens Goumaz (who will shed light on his intentions by the end of the year), a fratricidal duel between cousins ​​on the left is not excluded. more. The battle promises to be fierce and disputed.

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