Pierre Niney stuck "in a storm" : The actor comes close to death on the set of a movie …

This Tuesday January 11, France 2 offered its viewers, The Odyssey by Jérôme Salle. A biographical film released in 2016 on Jacques-Yves Cousteau but also his relationship with his youngest son, Philippe Cousteau. A feature film, awarded the César for best sound in 2017, in which we find the actors Lambert Wilson, Pierre Niney and Audrey Tautou.

The filming marked the former resident of the Comédie-Française. In an interview with our colleagues from Konbini, the 32-year-old actor recalled the day he almost left his skin there. “For The Odyssey, we went to Antarctica, as a very small team on a semi-icebreaker. And we all almost died”.

Natasha Andrews’ mate went on to say: “We found ourselves stuck in a storm with 180 km / h wind that was unexpected, and icebergs unhooked from the ice continent, so icebergs absolutely everywhere and a captain who remained at the helm for 48 hours, without passing the baton, because he wanted to take responsibility if ever there was an accident “.

As “the day does not go to bed”, the star Caesarized in 2015 lived a moment “really nightmarish!”. “I was already on Nautamine (an antihistamine, editor’s note), so I no longer understood anything, it was really … The boat was turning so much that there was the berth, the wall of the boat, and in fact I would wake up on the wall and no longer in the bunk the boat was tilting so much, even though it was a huge boat! And you would wake up on the wall saying to yourself “Where am I ?!” And bam you fell back in the bed !”

One more anecdote which comes on top of the one concerning the casting of Spider-Man which he refused as he had confided to Brut. “They offer me great, varied, different and rich stuff in France. So I said no to the casting. Casting, you will have understood it, where I would never have been taken”.

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