Pierre Maudet will be able to present himself as an innocent man in 2023

Pierre Maudet was cleared by the Geneva courts. The cantonal appeal body fully acquitted him for his 2015 all-expenses-paid family trip to the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, for which he was sentenced in February 2021. If the acceptance of this gift corresponds well to an “undue advantage” and that the circumstances of this invitation make customary fly, the Criminal Appeal and Revision Chamber of Geneva considers that this deviation did not put the main players in this case in a position to be indebted to the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.

Neither he, nor his right-hand man at the time, nor the two businessmen behind the journey that has shaken Geneva politics since its unveiling by the press in 2018 are therefore in a situation of being criminally liable. condemnable. An appeal by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Federal Court remains possible.

Judicial truth

The next cantonal elections will take place in the spring of 2023. If Pierre Maudet envisaged his return to the management of public affairs, will this judgment allow him to regain the confidence of the Genevans, who did not reelect him in March 2021? He will allow him to present himself to them as an innocent man. It’s not nothing. Those for whom judicial truth, the heart of our liberal democracy, is worth more than anything will feel entitled to give it their voice. Many had already done so almost a year ago. But a majority had elected Fabienne Fischer, despite inexistent experience at the cantonal level, a program difficult to read, defended with awkwardness at the start of the campaign.

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We will then see if an immaculate judicial statute is enough to be elected. Or if the voters attach importance to a probity that is now lacking in Pierre Maudet. The investigation revealed, behind the gifted politician, a man ready to do anything to protect his interests. Lying and making them lie before the courts, elected officials and Genevans. Make others pay the contributions to his ex-party but reduce his taxes as much. Manage your department with no regard for the health of your employees.

The Geneva chaos, for three years, is not solely attributable to Pierre Maudet. The Council of State and its ex-party have experienced mistakes which have participated in it. During his trial, Pierre Maudet admitted political errors. It will have taken a long time to do so. It is on the sincerity of this mea culpa, late and vague, that the man will be judged if he had to appear again before the Genevans. Not only on its judicial status and its political program.

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