Pierre Maudet is acquitted on the whole line on appeal

The suspense lasted three months. The Geneva Criminal Appeal and Revision Chamber finally acquits Pierre Maudet for his trip to Abu Dhabi, announces his lawyer, Me Grégoire Mangeat. The decision precludes the acceptance or the granting of an advantage concerning this invitation all expenses paid at the grand price. Only Patrick Baud-Lavigne, the former right-hand man of the minister, is sentenced for violation of official secrecy and instigation of abuse of authority in the shutter of the hasty opening of a bar.

On appeal, the defendants as well as the public prosecutor each challenged a part of the first judgment of the Police Court, rendered in February 2021, which had condemned the quartet for a luxurious stay of pleasure transpiring the interested networking and had rejected the aspect relating to the funding of a poll deemed eligible political support.

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Pierre Maudet, his former chief of staff Patrick Baud-Lavigne, the businessman Magid Khoury and his employee specializing in relations, Antoine Daher, once again pleaded their pure and simple acquittal, ensuring that this royal invitation was not tinged of no ulterior motives, that the climate of crony emanating from the messages exchanged between them was not one, that no return of the elevator was expected or even imagined and that the strategic lies of the beginnings had to be forgotten.

Another scenario

For its part, the public prosecutor demanded a more complete motivation regarding the stay all expenses paid to attend the grand prix of November 2015, considering that the former minister and his eminence grise had also accepted the possibility of finding themselves indebted of the Emirati crown (and not only of the two local businessmen who had made it possible to organize the trip) because of this same invitation financed by the services of the prince and which fell in the context of official talks on security collaboration or protocol aspects.

The prosecution asked above all for a verdict of guilty for the 34,000 francs paid by the companies of Magid Khoury to finance an electoral survey and therefore concluded that the sentences were on the rise, including 14 months in prison for the ex-advisor of ‘State. At first instance, Pierre Maudet was sentenced to a suspended 300-day fine as well as the payment of a compensatory claim of 50,000 francs in favor of the State of Geneva, a sum representing the value of the trip for him and his family. .

Speaking last at the end of this second trial of October 2021, Pierre Maudet had ordered the judges to take a detached look at the man and “to leave the tumult to speak the law”. Finally, he promised that his political journey would not stop in the courtroom.

Development will follow along with the motivation for judgment.

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