Pierre de Maere, Belgian revelation of the year: “I consider myself a very bad singer”

Pierre, what does this trophy mean to you?

It’s a real surprise. I didn’t expect it, and it’s not false humility. I thought Mentissa was going to be the winner. I adore her, she would have deserved it. This award is an accomplishment in my career and a real symbol. I’ve seen it on TV since I was a kid. With my cousin, we met every year to watch the ceremony. It was our tradition. We dreamed in front of Shy’m, Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Peas. Today, it’s amazing to have this trophy in your hands. Unwittingly, I managed to develop a rather difficult community. I’m really grateful.

Will this distinction have an impact on the rest of your career?

Every good signal is to be taken. I don’t know if this prize will change my life, but for my label, it’s a great satisfaction because it will help us to defend my project. Besides, I will be proud to wake up every morning in Walhain and see this trophy adorning my room. My hard work has paid off, and that’s a relief.

You will forever be the first winner in this category…

That’s incredible! Belgium has many talented artists. It is important that this category exists in order to highlight them more.

Your first album will be released early next year. How would you define it?

It’s an album that goes much further, both in musicality and in the depth of the lyrics. My EP already announced a vocal signature and a love for chiade productions. It may be a little pretentious to say that, but I now affirm a production color specific to myself. The result is darker with harder pieces where I evoke love from every angle. This record was made in a hurry, but it doesn’t really show.

You made it with the complicity of your brother Xavier.

Yes, and that’s a huge advantage! I know there will never be betrayal between us. With him, I don’t need to talk. We understand each other directly. And then, it is not a technician who is paid by the hour. We can work together until the end of the night. He forces me to surpass myself.

You say you need recognition. How do you explain it?

It’s not sickly, but I still need to prove that I’m talented, despite the love my parents have for me. If my album doesn’t work, it would make me really sad, but I don’t really think about it. It would be counterproductive. I’m especially afraid that it tarnishes my image.

The success of the title “One day I will marry an angel” was dazzling, in particular thanks to Tik Tok. Are you afraid of being the artist of only one hit?

100% ! This is a fear that I often raise with the members of my team. “One day I will marry an angel” had a small life on national radio, both in France and Belgium, before exploding on Tik Tok. This platform is so random. I feel like a happy accident. I think people liked the tenderness of the words I used. I wonder if I would ever know a hit as strong as this one. I try not to think about it too much because I may have to wait 10 years.

Are you apprehensive about having to sing this title on the stage of the NRJ Music Awards?

Yes, I apprehend my performance more than the rest, especially on a vocal level. I consider myself a very bad singer. I don’t write my songs so badly, but I find myself vocally weak. I’m always out of breath after a performance. I like concerts, but it’s very hard for me physically. I’m more of the type to listen to myself sing to avoid hitting the wrong note.

What is your biggest dream now?

I dream of filling Bercy and having the recognition of certain artists like Stromae who is my absolute model. For me, his album “Racine Carrée” is the best of the last 20 years.

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