Photos of Lisa where she shows that the fringe looks perfect on her

BLACKPINK fans know well that no one looks like Lisa with bangs, the Thai singer has worn different hairstyles where her hair always looks neat and perfect. This compilation of photos shows how Lisa’s fringe is her trademark and she looks amazing whenever she wears it.

Lisa of BLACKPINK It has a great influence in the world of fashion. The Thai singer is an ambassador for different brands and her name is always on everyone’s lips. For that reason, their outfits They always attract attention and their hair style It is perfect to inspire you.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa always looks lovely. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Since her debut, singer Lisa has used a characteristic fringe by which all her fans have identified her, whether with short hair, long hair and of any color, she always wears her fringe and everyone loves it, because nobody wears a hairstyle as perfect as her.

If you are curious take fringe and want to try a new style, these Photographs they could convince you to cut your hair and try to wear a look similar to that of the interpreter of ‘Money’.

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Photos of Lisa with fringes where she looks amazing with that hairstyle

The BLACKPINK singer is always seen in different parts of the world wearing her signature fringe hairstyle. Lisa enjoyed strolling the streets of Paris while she wore her short blonde hair.

Lisa wearing bangs with blonde hair. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Similarly, she has painted her hair a pastel pink that completely fascinated her fans. This as part of promotions for the Celine brand, of which she is an ambassador in South Korea.

Lisa with pink fringe in Paris. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

The same way, Lisa Not only does she have short hair, she also often alternates her hairstyles with long hair and a ponytail with which she looks amazing. Without a doubt, her fringe looks perfect on her for any occasion.

Lisa with long hair and a ponytail, showing off her bangs. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

On the other hand, when she decides to wear black hair, Lisa also looks spectacular with her fringe. Any color looks good on the Thai artist.

Lisa with black hair and bangs. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Lastly, Lisa with pink hair looks amazing and powerful. The singer has shown to completely dominate her short hair along with her bangs, so whatever color she uses will look amazing on her. What is your favorite look?

Lisa from BLACKPICK with pink hair. // Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

In other news, Thai singer Lisa made history by receiving a nomination for this year’s MTV Music Awards. Do you know what category of the VMAs she is nominated for?

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