Photos of Gretchen in a bikini in Qatar give something to talk about and the singer does not shut up after harsh criticism

In Qatar to follow the World Cup, Gretchen took advantage of the hot climate of the place to wear one of her bikinis and shared photos with the devastating look on Instagram this Wednesday (23).

Gretchen appeared wearing strapless black beachwear by Elementomar and a white cover-up by Sereia de Noronha. In the caption of the publication, the singer warned that she was renewing her hidden bronze, since in the country she cannot stay with little clothes.

“Good morning, Brazil. Here in Qatar sunbathing hidden because on the street only with a lot of clothes.

On the web, Gretchen, who draws attention on social media practically every week for being involved in controversies, received criticism and countered comments about disrespecting Qatari culture.

“For the talkers on duty about my wardrobe, I have known the country’s culture for a long time. And I would never disrespect the laws and culture of a country. Therefore, continue to follow each post by reading the caption in detail. Ok”, he asked.

Gretchen explains why she canceled her show


Recently, Gretchen revealed the reason for the end of her program “A Tarde É Minha”. The attraction had only two airings on TV Mais Pará.

“Since we have a problem with manpower to operate the equipment, we will leave it for next year. They are hiring a more competent team to operate the new equipment. It is very modern! But we had to wait for this new hiring and training” , explained the artist to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from “Em Off”

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