Photographer Roversi about Duchess Kate: She was scared, she finally danced

Rovers, who also took pictures for the prestigious Vogue magazine, already had such stars as the British supermodel Kate Moss (47) and top model Naomi Campbell (51). It is therefore not surprising that the Duchess was initially nervous about her cooperation with the Italian photographer. Their first meeting took place in November at Kensington Palace, where they discussed tea and biscuits on how the photo shoot would go.

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“She was afraid at first. Photographers take pictures of her every day, but she is not used to posing. But I assured her that once we start taking pictures, it will be very easy, “Roversi described to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. And he was right! In the final, the whole photo shoot in the botanical garden took them about four hours. “Everything took place in a natural light. A little make-up, no complicated hairstyle, just pearl earrings, a ring … “said the photographer, in front of whom Kate finally untied herself so that she even danced!

Summer style queens and princesses

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Roversi convinced her to show a faster waltz with a pinch of rock’n’roll. He was inspired to do so by Alexander McQueen’s dress, in which Kate looked like a classical ballerina. However, this series of photos was not published, Kate wanted to keep it only in her private album. On the contrary, she decided to release three portraits, in which she shows her completely different side than the fans know. “The focus was on Kate’s appearance and her smile. I wanted her not to look starchy as a duchess, but to look rather clean, innocent and timeless at the same time, “explained Ital.

Like the future queen

Among other things, Roversi bet on the slightly historical appearance of the future queen. Kate immortalized in a chiffon dress, with romantic curls, pearl earrings and a princess ring from Princess Diana († 36). “She is a nice, friendly woman who calms you down and respects everyone’s work. She is open, generous, radiant and I think she can bring hope not only to England, but also to the whole world, “the photographer said to the Duchess.

This one scored for William and the kids

Around 250 photos (mostly black and white) were taken from the entire photo shoot. And then Rovers and Kate chose the 70 “best” of them. The official photo of the whole series was a portrait of a relaxed Kate in a red asymmetrical dress. It was said to be a clear favorite for both of them. And what photo did William and their three children like the most? Rovers told the one where Kate smiled and looked straight into the camera with love. Her warmth and laughter, which her family loves her so much, stand out in the black-and-white film.

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