PHOTO CHALLENGE: Ricardo Prescott recognizes his limitations with the tools

Gerard Govea

For Richard Prescott felt extremely incredible with the challenge of portraying queens in the third program of Photo Challengesince it was the first time that I made this style of photos.

He stressed that Alexis helped him “set up” the issue of flashes since he does not usually work with that type of equipment. Although she started helping him, she felt that as time went by she began to move away to look for a better location and this caused them not to share time as they should.

He felt good about the evaluation because he showed in his photo the place where they were (Las Tablas) and also the queen’s outfit in its entirety, so that it could be better appreciated.

During the competition, Prescott wasted no second, taking advantage of the fact that his partner was looking for something to continue taking photos.

He mentions that he was very aware of the model that Alexis himself did because he feared that the wind would “take her away”.


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