PHOTO CHALLENGE: Mario Espinoza thinks he lost due to minimal details

Gerard Govea

mario espinoza states that Sarigua’s challenge of Photo Challenge it was interesting and with factors that played against him such as the heat of the moment, the breeze prevented him from working well; she had to use natural light (something he is used to), but despite everything, he felt that he did a good job.

Mario believes that Carlos won the challenge due to minimal details and that for the jury it was a difficult choice. In the end, he was pleased with his and Mejía’s collaboration, as they discussed working individually and collaboratively. They also talked about what they wanted and about using only two spots, in addition to guiding the model with the poses, which according to him, was what was most valuable.

He also had some technical issues with the lens, constantly having to take it off and on.

Gray Díaz pointed out to both Espinoza and Mejía that they had to change their poses because their photos were going to come out similar, but both agreed that the angles varied.


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