PHOTO CHALLENGE: Juan Rojas did not feel in his comfort zone

Gerard Govea

Juan Rojas remember that Sarigua’s challenge was very complicated since he usually works a lot with artificial light (for the 2nd challenge of Photo Challenge would work with natural light).

He mentions that he was not in his comfort zone (in spite of this he was able to win his particular challenge, although he finished 5th in the general part), precisely because he did not use flash or any type of modifier. Despite this, he knows that the contest is about it, in order to exploit the potential of each one.

The challenge for Juan was very difficult because he had to show many things in his photo: that you were in the desert, the designer dress and also, take a photograph that would hook the jury.

Regarding his opponent (Fernando Cerrud), he considers that he is a very talented boy with a lot of vision; he hopes that he will do well in the following challenges because he shows that he has a lot of passion for photography.


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