Photo Challenge: Juan Rojas achieved the best photo

Gerard Govea

Juan Rojas It is clear that this 7th challenge of Photo Challenge It will take everyone out of their comfort zone, due to having to use a cell phone. He mentions that with it, they cannot use different lenses, but considers it a challenge to prove to themselves how good they are at photography.

As for the location, “JC” did not feel limited by time and the number of spots he had; indicates that there are many things that can stand out in a photograph, such as color theory, and that it could vary with the different colors that were on the site, therefore, she went with a monochrome style to find what she wanted with the yellow dress of your model.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-13 at 4.16.07 PM.jpeg

He highlights that working with his colleagues is super comfortable, he believes that with Armando the time was well distributed, and that they divided the locations well.

Juan Rojas used a single LED light because he thinks it was enough, he just wanted to illuminate his model.

Regarding the device, he indicated that he changed the file to RAW in order to have the quality of the images, shutter speed and ISO to have an appropriate quality. He didn’t want to look for any movement, as he thinks it would be difficult to pick up with a phone.


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