Photo Challenge: Guido Gorrichategui not your luck in this challenge

Gérard Govea

Guido Gorrichategui He confessed that the challenge was very good and fun because he usually takes his photos with a camera and with a cell phone (which has the characteristics of a camera), it was difficult for him to “mess around” but everything was “cool” in the 7th challenge of Photo Challenge.

He thinks that in the places he chose, he was avoiding the reflection. She thinks that the place itself was beautiful and had many color contrasts, she had no problem with that.

He mentions that he has had good chemistry when working with everyone and with Mario it was no exception, he considers that they had a good harmony and they had plenty of time.

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He used the Pro mode on the cell phone that allowed him to use parameters as if it were a normal (photographic) camera and used it for contrasts, even though there were things he did not understand.

Guido used two Led lights, he sought to illuminate the background because he says that when cell phones focus on the person they tend to make the person dark.


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