PHOTO CHALLENGE: Fernando Cerrud has issues to learn and correct

Gerard Govea

“Sarigua: sun, heat, lots of land,” were the first words of Fernando Cerrud remembering the second challenge of Photo Challenge. He adds that it was a total challenge because he went in natural light, something he doesn’t do as much.

He remembers that the midday light was quite high, which also took him out of his comfort zone, in addition, he did not take into account when taking the photograph, that the dress was a designer (Alexis Vincent), a factor that it played against him since when selecting the photo, he chose one where the model was practically on his back and he feels that this was his “quiles heel”; something that the jury let him know. Fernando knows that he has things to correct and he is in the program to learn those parts.

He thinks that working with “JC” was easy (even though he didn’t know him). They talked about “shooting” at the same time since they weren’t using flash and could take turns taking photos with poses.


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