PHOTO CHALLENGE: Carlos Mejía exceeded expectations in Sarigua

Gerard Govea

Carlos Mejia took the highest score in challenge 2 of Photo Challenge, photographs that were taken in the Sarigua National Park. He confesses that he was surprised to find out that the photos would be with natural light, even though he likes to take the photos this way, but when it is with a scorching sun there are very marked shadows.

He adds that with those shadows, he has to give the model a posture that can fill those areas, with part of the ambient lighting and the sun. Carlos had as a concept of the image, to capture the dress, since he considers it very pretty and with a very elegant flow. In addition, he placed the model in a more artistic posture.

He admitted to having good chemistry with Mario Espinoza, he always tries to be collaborative with his teammates and feels that same gesture from them.

Carlos Mejía was delighted with the evaluation, there were no further details to correct, they praised his photo and being the winner of the challenge, he was very happy.


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