PHOTO CHALLENGE: Alexis Bautes suffered in Sarigua

Gérard Govea

alexis bautes remember that after the challenge in Sarigua de Photo Challengehe felt very bad (he had a fever, vomiting, stomach pain) due to working in those conditions, but he recognizes that he is part of the program and knows that he did his part.

She finds the challenge itself fun due to the spaciousness of the venue and had other difficulties with the model as she couldn’t do many poses due to her skimpy underwear. In order to fix that, she had to take photos with tighter angles.

Regarding his competition with Guido, he says that he gets along with him and they have never had any friction, but in the evaluation he did not understand why they mentioned that his photo was “deformed”. He thinks that the model’s physical build could play against her.

Alexis Bautes commented that he is calm with his work because he went to have a good time and is here to do different things, he does not get stressed by what happens. He wants to make himself known in Panama, because he is already beginning to do so abroad.


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