PHOTO CHALLENGE: Alexis Bautes "helped" to beat Ricardo

Gerard Govea

alexis bautes confessed that he had never been to Las Tablas, where he held the third challenge of Photo Challenge. She felt an emotion seeing the queens because she had in mind to do something with the queen theme since a long time ago.

For her photo, she went for a closed portrait of the model’s face and her headdress. She remembers that at that moment the light went out, due to the time she touched them. She mentions that she has known Ricardo for a while now, and that they “were” good friends and she thinks they worked well. She pointed out that she spent a bit of time helping Prescott since he does not master the light, she said many things to him and considers that Ricardo could feel bad about it. Alexis didn’t want her to look like a “newbie”, but she thinks Ricardo should study a little more because they are in a program and all the competitors should be trained to solve any problem.

Alexis admits that she did not feel comfortable with the evaluation and that they fail in some aspects.


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