Phoenix Raising, the documentary in which Evan Rachel Wood tells all the sexual abuse suffered by Marilyn Manson

Sexual abuse of Marylin Manson his Evan Rachel Wood in a documentary. It is called Phoenix Raising and will be previewed at Sundance Film Festival 2022. Variety presents it as a job “Very intimate” and explains that for over two years the documentarian Amy Berg has been working secretly on this film where the life of the 34-year-old actress is told, her debut as a very young filmmaker at 10, affirmation at thirteen with the film Thirteen and then Hollywood star at 20 years with Across the universe e The wrestler. The title Phoenix rising is a reference to the testimony that Wood made in the California Senate to push for approval of the Phoenix Act, the law that later extended the limitation of cases of Domestic violence three to five years.

The actress in fact claimed to have suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse with the related diagnosis of post traumatic stress. When the young actress testified, all the media immediately thought of ex-boyfriend Marylin Manson. This happened definitively in February 2021 on Instagram with a post where Wood accused Manson of having been her rapist. Accusations that the singer sent back to the sender but which cost him a lot in terms of image given the escape of his label, his manager and his historic publicist. It is precisely in the days of testimony to the Senate that Wood and Berg meet the actress who asks to be able to tell about herself in front of the camera of the documentary filmmaker nominated for an Oscar for Deliver us from evil.

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However, Berg only begins by filming the awareness campaign for the Phoenix Act carried out by the actress, at one point she even moves away from the project, then in 2020 she changes her mind and gets involved. “At the time it wasn’t Evan’s relationship with Manson, but an Erin Brockovich-esque story,” the director explained to Varietywe were focused on telling a story about empowerment, something that offered resources for women and men stranded after being abused. We were working on this then suddenly she mentioned Manson’s name“. The film is therefore divided into two parts: the first is dedicated to the portrait of Wood, a sort of child actress forced to become a star at an early age; the second talks about what happened after the public exposure of her ex’s name. Berg claims Wood was “extremely sincere in telling himself“. The trial against Manson is still ongoing, and the singer’s lawyers have rejected any accusations of the actress as false.

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