Philips Hue and Co. greatly reduced: The best smart lights for your home theater

During Black Friday Week a light will go on – or it will optionally be dimmed. Smart lights now provide a particularly affordable way of creating an individual ambience.

Just turn off the light in the kitchen from the sofa, dim the living room and dip the floor lamp next to the TV in a shallow, warm yellow – smart lights make your movie night more relaxed than ever and also ensure the perfect atmosphere. Various manufacturers are already dropping prices before Black Friday, so that you can now convert your home theater for little money. You can currently strike especially at Amazon, Ikea and tink.

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It doesn’t matter whether you already have a smart home lighting system or just want to get into the matter – in this article you will find your dream product. We introduce you to the market leaders and present you the best offers for saving. What else you should know about the upcoming Black Friday, you can find out in the video:

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Philips Hue: The undisputed market leader

Anyone who deals with smart lights cannot ignore Philips Hue. As the front runner in this field, this product line offers you by far the most options. In addition to LED light bulbs and strips, you will even find adapter plugs, light switches and motion detectors. In addition, the Philips Hue range is compatible with many products from other manufacturers.

Depending on the room, you can choose the products according to different colors: White and Color offers you up to 16 million color variants, while White Ambience enables different shades of white. White only offers a classic white that is dimmable. Depending on the version, the luminaires cost differently, with White and Color being the most expensive.

To be able to control your smart lights with your smartphone, you first need one Philips Hue Bridge. It connects your cell phone to all smart lamps in the household. If you do not want to make your settings with your smartphone, you can act by voice command via Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri. The transmission works either with Zigbee or Bluetooth, the former offering significantly more options through geofencing and on-the-go control.

The following products can be bought cheaply during Black Friday Week:

You can currently get hold of the Philips Hue starter kit at Saturn for a very affordable price: If you opt for a package in warm white, you can save 50 percent, because instead of 89.99 euros you only pay 45.00 euros. That White and Color Starterpaket there are at least 23 percent cheaper.

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But also tink, a specialist store for smart home products, has been offering strong discounts since today: for example, get six Philips Hue colored lamps in a savings package for 209.95 euros instead of the usual 299.85 euros or get a free motion detector when you buy a Centris Cross Spot . At Media Markt you can also buy a starter set with three LED lamps and a Hue Bridge at 47 percent cheaper, so that the deal costs you only 99.00 euros.

PHILIPS Hue White and Col. Amb.E27 LED 3-piece starter set incl.Bridge, 3x1100lm, 75W 16 million colors

Ledvance Smart +: The affordable alternative

Anyone who owns a Philips Hue smart home system can save money with the products from Ledvance Smart + (formerly Osram Lightify). The products are compatible with the Philips Hue series and can be voice-controlled with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. The product range extends from LED light bulbs and strips to garden lights. You can also retrofit normal lamps with adapter plugs. But be careful: while new Philips Hue devices can be operated via Bluetooth as well as Zigbee, with Ledvance Smart + you have to decide for WiFi, Bluetooth or Zigbee before buying. But you get away much cheaper when you buy:

  • Ledvance Smart LED Lamp (Bluetooth): 10.99 euros instead of 20.73 euros on Amazon
  • Ledvance Smart Socket (Bluetooth): 15.99 euros instead of 25.86 euros
  • Ledvance Smartes LED Band (Bluetooth): 29.98 euros instead of 119.95 euros on Amazon
  • Ledvance Smart LED Garden Pylons (Bluetooth): 60.79 euros instead of 169.00 euros on Amazon
  • Ledvance Smart LED Lamp (Zigbee): 19.99 euros instead of 32.95 euros on Amazon

Ikea Home Smart / Trådfri: More than furniture

Ikea has long offered more than cheap furnishings. With the help of the Swedish furniture store chain, you can control your lighting smartly – optionally using a remote control, motion detector, smartphone app or voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit). At Ikea you will find next to that Starter Kit also smart LED light bulbs, light panels and strips that can be integrated into the Philips Hue system if required. You can buy it directly in your Ikea store or online.

Smart lights for the home: which brand?

The more popular smart home lighting becomes, the more the offer grows – and the more difficult it is to choose. If you don’t necessarily have to look at your money or don’t want to control too many light sources, you definitely won’t go wrong with the Philips Hue. The market leader not only offers the largest selection of products for indoor and outdoor spaces, but also impresses with ease of use, rich colors and a wide range of options. Are you looking for the perfect ambience for your home theater? Even then, you will make the right decision with Philips Hue! More than 16 million colors allow you to adapt the living room to the mood of the movie.

However, if you are not interested in a wide variety of color variants or just want to upgrade the existing smart lighting system for little money, you can use Ledvance Smart + or Ikea Home Smart. Products from both brands are compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge, but can also be used with their own starter kits.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new lighting system, which will get you through the day and the next film evening in an uncomplicated and reliable manner!

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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