Philippe Etchebest (Top Chef Objective) changes his look: The starred chef reveals the reason for his metamorphosis!

This Wednesday, July 20, M6 had organized a press conference to present the eighth season ofTop Chef objective, still filming. A moment that gave journalists the opportunity to question Philippe Etchebest on the mustache he sported during a test (broadcast last April, editor’s note) of Top Chef carried out in his restaurant. The images had caused a lot of reaction from Internet users. “It’s funny the proportions it can take every time you do something. Whether it’s me or someone (else, editor’s note) known”he commented. “I don’t think about it. I didn’t do this to get people talking about me”.

But what was the reason? “It’s just that with my wife (Dominique, editor’s note), we were discussing it. She said to me: ‘Hey, it would be nice if you got your mustache.’ I said, ‘Yes, if you want.'” And as great minds meet, his barber made a confession to him: “She told me that she had wanted to propose it to me for a long time. I said: ‘Go ahead, we do the mustache!'”. And he wanted to be very clear on one point: “But it’s just for me, not for others.”

Called to the rescue

After the catastrophic hearings of Monday July 11, 2022, M6in an official press release addressed to the media, the channel decided to deprogram the show Married at first sight special Belgium. According Tele-Leisure, the Six recorded one of its worst performances of the year on Monday July 11, with only 4.4% audience share (or 778,000 spectators). The week before, an average of 1.2 million viewers watched the launch broadcast on July 4 (6.2% PDA).

This corresponds to a discount of 55% compared to the figures for the previous four weeks. By way of comparison, they were 2.6 million in front of their post every Monday evening during the last season (13.6% audience share). On Monday July 18, the program was replaced at the last minute by a rebroadcast of Kitchen nightmare, with Philippe Etchebest.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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