Philippe Etchebest (Top Chef Objective): A candidate’s mother grazes his name, the starred chef loses his means and threatens his son: "You make me a sketch …. "

Top Chef Objective continues to have the good times of M6. Each week, the sixth channel explodes its audiences thanks to the famous program. Facing the camera, the participants scramble to do wonders behind the stove. The competition is tough and Philippe Etchebest does not give the candidates any gifts. The cook wishes above all to find the rare pearl to integrate it into the 13th edition of Top chef.
This Thursday, November 18, 2021, Philippe Etchebest certainly amused the viewers ofTop Chef Objective. In the studios, he met Karine, the mother of a participant named Thibault. While she was waiting for her son who was busy in the kitchen, the mother wanted to introduce herself to Hélène Darroze’s colleague … But nothing happened as planned. “Hello chef Etchebest”, she told him as soon as she arrived. “How? We’re going to start over”, then corrected the main concerned questioned by his pronunciation. “Come on, let’s go … I’m used to it, it’s okay”, he added in voiceover.
Despite the help of the cameraman, the author of Cook well with my Mentor method ended up throwing in the towel. “It becomes Video Gag there”, added Philippe Etchebest, hilarious. “We will have done everything, we will have tried everything!”. Shortly after, Thibault also made a noticeable appearance on the set ofTop Chef Objective while peeling in turn the name of the starred chef. “It is not possible, you make me a sketch (…). They do not make an effort”, underlined Philippe Etchebest, totally overwhelmed by the situation.
“In the family, no one can say the name of the chief, so they call him Phiphi”, defended Karine, the mother. Tease, the star of the program then wanted to destabilize Thibault. “You are concentrating well, I’m going to tell you one last time. You lose a star if you say it wrong, okay?”, he said, amused. A memorable moment!

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