Philipp regrets attending "Wedding at first sight"

Is there still a war of roses after all? At the end of 2021, Melissa and Philipp announced that their marriage had failed. Two years earlier, the two had met at first sight at their wedding and fell in love. A year later, the TV celebrities even became parents to a young son. But how Philipp indicated that their child could still cause a lot of arguments between the two of them.

“You only get to know a person’s true face after a breakup”the Hamburger announced in his Instagram-Story. He had an appointment that made him regret his decision to participate in “Wedding at First Sight” in 2019. “But the best of my life was born in 2020 and they only want to give it to me for eight hours on Saturday,” revealed Philipp and thus hired his still-wife Melissa in the pillory, as she seems to deny him contact with his child.

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Shortly after the announcement of their separation, it appeared that the ex-couple had not parted on good terms. So the influencer made hints that Philipp might have fled while the hamburger claimed that Melissa I sought contact with other men despite their relationship.

Melissa and Philipp from "Wedding at first sight" with their son

Instagram / philipp_aufdenerstenblick

Melissa and Philipp from “Wedding at first sight” with their son
"Wedding at first sight" -Philipp with his son

Instagram / philipp_aufdenerstenblick

“Wedding at first sight” -Philipp with his son
Philipp from "Wedding at first sight"

Instagram / philipp_aufdenerstenblick

Philipp from “Wedding at first sight”

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